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METALSTRIP is a specialist industrial surface preparation company

METALSTRIP specialises in industrial paint stripping, powder coat removal and abrasive blasting (sand blasting) from steel surfaces.

METALSTRIP is able to assist with all our customers stripping needs across a variety of steel surfaces, tooling and equipment. From regular tool cleaning and maintenance to stripping one-off items, METALSTRIP are the experts.

With over thirty years of extensive experience, METALSTRIP has the professional knowledge, the latest technology and the capacity to deal with both large and small jobs when it comes to: Thermal Paint Stripping, Abrasive Blasting (Sandblasting), Preparing, Cleaning and Priming steel.

Let our experts guide you with the best tailor-made solutions for your needs

METALSTRIP provides a complete paint stripping service for almost any steel- be it paint hooks fixtures, racks, fixtures and fittings, sheet-metal or automotive components that have:

  • Powder-coating, e-coating, and wet spray applicators
  • Organic and inorganic finishes
  • Rust
  • Grease
  • Paint and Plastics

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Paint Stripping & Powder Coat Removal

Paint Stripping & Powder Coat Removal

METALSTRIP houses a state of the art controlled pyrolysis burn off oven- and the largest of its kind. It serves for paint striping and powder coat removal services. This is a thermal method that will easily strip multiple layers of paint and powder coating from almost any steel.

Metalstrip also has a high pressure wash cleaning facilities for a high quality finish.

Abrasive Blasting (Sand Blasting)

Abrasive Blasting (Sand Blasting)

METALSTRIP has a large sized abrasive blasting (sand blasting) booth.

Abrasive blasting is the most significant and important process for the thorough cleaning of steel. This method suits the removal of paint, mill-scale and rust from steel.

Metalstrip uses high grade Abrasive garnet as a blasting media which is the most efficient, effective , fastest and safest abrasive available.

Top five reasons why to work with METALSTRIP

  • Over 30 years of extensive professional experience and knowledge.
  • ¬†One stop shop to all surface preparation and rust removal needs from any steel and Iron.
  • Latest, most efficient, eco-friendly technology that provides cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Our technology allows for a quicker turn-around time