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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pyrolysis stripping and what is the difference from chemical stripping? 2017-12-10T11:51:01+00:00

Pyrolysis is considered the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly method.
Jigs ,hooks ,rejects or parts needing re coating can be cleaned in a Pyrolysis Furnace. The temperature is set to increase slowly to approximately 420° C. The coatings continue to burn in an oxygen starved atmosphere while the afterburner oxidises the fumes. After a period of approximately six hours ,the goods are ready. Ash and any remaining residues are usually rinsed off the parts with high-pressure water. Pickling or the abrasive blasting process can follow the burn off process.

Can you paint strip or powder coat strip any metal? 2017-12-10T11:52:29+00:00

The pyrolysis system is used for ferrous metals (iron , steel )only , and should not be used with aluminium.

Can you use abrasive blasting (sandblasting ) to remove powder coating ? 2017-12-10T11:53:44+00:00

No. Powder coating must be stripped prior to abrasive blasting . Abrasive blasting is used to finish the item and prepare it for coating.

What is the size of your powder coat removal oven ? 2017-12-10T11:56:01+00:00

Our powder coat removal oven is about 3.5 meters in length and 2.5 meters in width.

Do you clean construction steel? 2017-12-10T11:57:40+00:00

Yes we do, mechanically or via abrasive blasting.

What is the most effective way to remove rust from steel surfaces? 2017-12-10T11:58:40+00:00

Abrasive blasting (sand blasting) is considered the most effective way to remove rust from steel and iron.

What is the process employed after stripping the powder coating off? 2017-12-10T11:59:50+00:00

Depends on suitability and end use . Power wash or abrasive blasting.

Can I send a picture for a quick price estimate? 2017-12-10T12:00:33+00:00

Yes , sometimes it’s the best and most efficient way.

What are your receiving hours? 2017-12-10T12:01:14+00:00

From 7.30 am to 3.30 pm .

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